Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Today’s children imitate and admire dinosaurs just as much today than ever before. Movies like Ice Age and The Good Dinosaur feature these long extinct creatures, bringing them back to life in our imagination. For many parents and their kids, there seems to be something about the sheer size and unique features of these long-gone species that captures the mind and sparks an interest in learning more about them.

For those looking for a way to channel this newfound fascination with dinosaurs, coloring pages are perhaps the best option. Kids can get creative, expressing their own ideas while coloring, combining color schemes that they like or creating imaginative imaginations of what these majestic creatures could have looked like when they roamed the earth millions of years ago. Each page is an interesting challenge, an opportunity for learning about anatomy and body structure while getting creative with color patterns at the same time – without needing to spend a fortune on expensive books or coloring books. With so many free dinosaur coloring pages available online, kids can let their creativity flourish without spending a penny!

8 Free Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages

8 Free Printable Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Dinosaurs have always been a source of fascination for children and adults alike. Whether it’s their prehistoric size or enigmatic aura, they continue to capture people’s imaginations even today. This coloring sheet is a perfect example of the charm that dinosaurs have.  The dinosaurs in these pages are easily recognizable as  Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus and more!

The design on these printable pages are sure to be enjoyed by everyone, from older kids looking for more sophisticated images to color all the way down to toddlers who will take delight in following the curved lines of the curves and contours of the dinosaur and its eggs. It provides hours of entertainment while also giving us an insight into how these animals may have looked like back in prehistoric times. All of which makes it one special coloring page!

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Make These Dinosaur Coloring Pages Even More Fun!

Adding some extra fun to these dinosaur coloring pages is the perfect way to inspire young imaginations and bring out the budding artist in everyone! Give your artwork an edge and make these delightful dinos come alive by adding additional features to their backgrounds.

For a more subtle approach, you could try accenting the current details on each page with further bird’s eye view decorations. For instance, add flying pterodactyls soaring through a clear blue sky or maybe a group of comical cavemen looking confusedly from behind a bush. If your goal is to create something more intense, why not fill up the background with a full-on battle scene? There could be charging Triceratops versus a towering T-rex as they clash around ancient temples. No matter how creative you get with it, these little extras will definitely give your dino pals some extra character and charm!

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